Bokang Mercurial Sphygmomanometer

BK1001 Bokang Mercurial Sphygmomanometer

Model NO.: BK1001

BK1001 Bokang Mercury Sphygmomanometer, Bokang Mercurial Sphygmomanometer

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Specifications Bokang's Best Mercury Sphygmomanometer:
Measure scope: 0-300mmHg
Accuracy: +/- 3mmHg
Sub-division: 2mmHg
I.D. of glass tube: 2.1+/-0.2mm
Aluminum case
Standard collocation: Nylon cuff with D- ring
PVC bladder and bulb
Color available: blue, grey, black
1 pc in a color gift box
Cuff material: nylon, cotton
Bladder and bulb: PVC, Latex
best mercury sphygmomanometer

Method of using Bokang Mercurial Sphygmomanometer:

1. Reduce physiological changes during blood pressure measurement. Blood pressure measurement should be carried out in a quiet and warm room, ensure that the patient does not eat, smoke, drink coffee, or have a full bladder within a short period of time, and explain the method of blood pressure measurement to reduce the patient's anxiety.

2. When taking a seat, the client should rest his back against the back of the chair, keep his legs uncrossed and his feet flat. Whether the patient is sitting or supine, the midpoint of the upper limb should be at heart level and rest for 5 minutes after positioning.

3. Place the balloon in the center of the brachial artery and wrap it evenly and neatly around the arm. Place the lower edge of the balloon about an inch above the elbow.

4. Set the maximum expansion level (estimated systolic reading plus 30 mm hg is the maximum expansion level).

5. Quickly release the air in the sleeve and wait 30 seconds to inflate it again.

6. Insert stethoscope and make sure it is placed forward.

7. Place the tip of the stethoscope gently over the palpable brachial artery, but seal it, being careful not to place any part of the end of the stethoscope under the blood pressure cuff.

8. Inflate quickly to inflate the airbag to its maximum level.

9. Slowly release the air, so that the pressure to 2~3 mm/s smooth decline.

10. Systolic blood pressure (SYSTolic blood pressure) was recorded in stage one of the Two continuous sounds.

11. No immediate diastolic pressure was recorded during the Corleone stage.

12. Continue listening until you are below 10 mmHg diastolic pressure, and then deflate completely and quickly.

13. Wait a minute or two for a repeat blood pressure measurement in the same arm.

Bokang Mercurial Sphygmomanometer Wholesale

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