LED Mercury-Free Sphygmomanometer

BK1018 LED Mercury-Free Sphygmomanometer

Model NO. BK1018

BK1018 LED Mercury-Free Sphygmomanometer wholesale.

BK1018 LED Mercury-Free Sphygmomanometer

LED Mercury-Free Sphygmomanometer is a medical instrument used to measure human blood pressure.
The sphygmomanometer uses an LED light column instead of mercury (mercury) as the indicator of the sphygmomanometer, which completely solves the problem of environmental pollution and harm to the human body caused by the massive use of mercury sphygmomanometer. LED light column sphygmomanometer has the advantages of a clear and intuitive display, easy to use, earthquake resistance, impact resistance, reliability, and durability.
Welcome to wholesale LED Mercury-Free Sphygmomanometers in bulk at a factory price from Bokang supplier and manufacturer in China. Please feel free to contact us for more details about LED Mercury-Free Sphygmomanometer wholesale, shipping, and samples.

Quality Control:
We pay great attention to the development of quality, technology, and brand since the foundation and have built our own technology development center. We have accumulated a wealth of expertise in manufacturing techniques,
management and development innovations over the past years and now own independent design and research capability.

Measure unit: mmHg
Minimal scale: LED
Column: 2mmHg
Numerical display: 1mmHg
Measure method: stethoscope
Measure scope: 0-300mmHg
Available discrepancy: +/-3mmHg
Pulse rate: 30-200m,+/-5%
Pressurization: manual by the bulb
Depressurization: Manual by the air release valve
Power supply: 4.5V, AA*3
D-ring nylon cuff with silk printing
PVC bladder and bulb

LED Mercury-Free Sphygmomanometer Wholesale

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