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BK6022 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Model NO.: BK6022

BK6022 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Wholesale Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Significance of monitoring blood pressure:
(1) Avoid error: remove the chance of occasional blood pressure measurement, avoid influencing factors, and reflect blood pressure objectively and truly.
(2) Grasp the trend: dynamic blood pressure can obtain more blood pressure data, which can actually reflect the change rule of blood pressure throughout the whole day.
(3) Timely detection: for patients with early asymptomatic mild hypertension or critical hypertension, the detection rate is improved and timely treatment can be obtained.
(4) Measure the effect of drug therapy: AMBUlate blood pressure can guide drug therapy, help select drugs, adjust the dose and administration time.
(5) Determine whether the patients with hypertension have target organ damage (organ vulnerable to hypertension).
(6) To predict the time of the sudden attack of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in a day: cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are most likely to occur when blood pressure suddenly increases in the early morning.
(7) Prediction of cardiovascular disease: For patients with cardiovascular disease in the past, the measurement of ambulatory blood pressure is more meaningful and can guide medication.

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Specification of Digital Blood Pressure Monitor:
Display Type: digital form
Measurement method: Oscillometry
Measurement range: blood pressure: 0-300mmHg(0-40kPa)
Pulse rate: 40-200/min
Memory: 60 sets (blood pressure, pulse rate, date, time),
30 sets each memory zone
Accuracy: blood pressure: +/-3mmHg(+/-0.4)kPa,
pulse rate: +/-5%
Average function for last three measurement
Pressurization: intelligent automatic pressurization
Depressurization: automatic constant speed exhaust
Pressure detection: pressure sensor
Power supply:4*AA
Power management:3 minutes power-off automatically,
low battery Indicator
Operating environment: +5℃-- +40℃; 15 - 80%RH
Storage environment: -20℃-- +55℃; 15 - 80%RH
Weight: 535g (including batteries)
Product size: 135mm*93mm*59mm
Cuff size: 480mm*145mm
Accessory: cuff, nylon bag, instruction manual

Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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