BP Apparatus Sphygmomanometer

BK2001A Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, BP Apparatus Sphygmomanometer

Model NO. BK2001A

BK2001A Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, BP Apparatus Sphygmomanometer

Welcome to wholesale BP Apparatus Sphygmomanometers in bulk at a factory price from Bokang supplier and manufacturer in China. OEM and ODM and customized services are available. If you are interested in Bokang company's BP Apparatus Sphygmomanometer, please contact us freely. Thank you.

Using sphygmomanometers need to pay attention to the following tips:
First, to choose the arm type blood pressure cuff on the arm, avoid the use of hand-wrist blood pressure monitor, a more accurate measurement, at the same time in the use of blood pressure, to keep a quiet environment, to the resting state of rest, don't just exercise or emotional time to test, will affect the judgment of blood pressure values.
Second, to be in their seats, two feet flat, avoid legs crossed, measuring blood pressure arm of the upper arm position at the same time, with blood pressure readings of mercury in the same horizontal plane, can be tied to start measuring, if the patient has a time, two times average blood pressure can be continuously monitored, determination of blood pressure readings will be more accurate.
Third, we should adhere to and regularly measure blood pressure. We should pay attention to the time point of blood pressure measurement. Blood pressure at different times is also different.

Specifications of BP Apparatus Sphygmomanometer:
Measure scope: 0-300mmHg
Accuracy: +/-3mmHg
Sub-division: 2mmHg
Color available: Blue, black, gray, green, red, yellow.
Cuff material: Nylon cuff with silk printing with D-ring
Bladder and bulb: Latex, PVC

Standard Collocation:
Nylon cuff PVC bladder and bulb
Zinc alloy gauge, 105gram Fluorescent surface
Vinyl zipper bag

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